A love letter for you

  Cristiano Ronaldo

In a TV show called A letter for you, Cristiano Ronaldo was invited to mediate difference between mother and daughter, because Cristiano Ronaldo is idol of daughter. And of course, CR7 finish the task successfully. He sent the girl a football with his sign, and at the same time, he gave the girl a necklace and wear for her. He said to the girl or all of his fans: life is short, if you want to make it beautiful, you should learn to forgive, so forgive!

Yes, life is short, life is difficult, life is sad, life is danger, we all experience all kinds of things in life, we try our best to conquer these difficulties because we believe that life will be beauty eventually. We love these who are worthy of being love. Parents are our those who love us best in the world, so we love them. Friends are our partner of soul, so we love them.

Handsome, kind, professional, amazing, we have all kinds of love reason for Cristiano Ronaldo, His brave on ground give us reason to cheer, his kind in life makes us move. There are always criticism for him from audience on match, he may not care about them, because he know there must be more people around the world love him. He knows that he will never go alone.

We have no excuse to stop being love Cristiano Ronaldo if he treat other with honesty and love.







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