Without getting golden globe,CR7 is also the best

CR7 charity

Last week, CR7 played for national team with hurt and failed. While, at 14, October, CR7, pepe and his teammates saw cancer children on a nearby hospital.
These children were happy for the coming of CR7 and his teammates, CR7 also prepared some presents for those poor children, some of them even hug CR7. CR7 gave a happy day for those children.
At 17, October, CR7 will get his 100 matches in national team. His teammate said: CR7 will break all recordings of national team, he is the best player of the national team in history. With CR7, we have the biggest advantage. He is the also the best player of the world, and he will do more for our national team.
In life, CR7 is kind-heated, and on playground, he is amazing. Whether he will get the golden globe, he is also the best.


Where there is love, there is hope

David Beckham charity

Beckham has supported UNICEF since his days at Manchester United and in January 2005, the English national team captain became a Goodwill Ambassador with a special focus on UNICEF’s Sports for Development program. More recently, Beckham has pledged his support for the current Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS campaign. He is also a patron of the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

On 17 January 2007, Rebecca Johnstone, a 19-year-old cancer patient from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, received a surprise phone call from Beckham. After the conversation, he sent her a Real Madrid jersey with his signature on it. Rebecca died on 29 January 2007.

Beckham is a spokesman for Malaria No More, a New York City-based non-profit launched in 2006. Malaria No More’s mission is to end deaths caused by malaria in Africa. Beckham appears in a 2007 public service announcement advertising the need for inexpensive bed nets. The TV spot currently airs in the U.S. on Fox Networks, including Fox Soccer Channel, and can also be seen on YouTube.

Since joining Major League Soccer, Beckham has been a very public advocate in the U.S. for related charities such as “MLS W.O.R.K.S.” On 17 August 2007, he conducted a youth clinic in Harlem, along with other current and former MLS players. This was in advance of his first New York City area match the following day against the New York Red Bulls. That team’s Jozy Altidore and Juan Pablo Ángel were also with Beckham, teaching skills to disadvantaged youth to benefit FC Harlem Lions.

David Beckham is a dream in every football fan, for me, i do not interested in football very much, but David Beckham has more important reflect on me than football. Beckham is a kind of strength in my bottom of heart, his mistake is worthy of being understood, and his kind action is worthy of being honored and learned.

Where there is love, there is hope, with so many people around the world supporting charity projects as Planet aid, humana people to people, we have absolutely enough reasons to believe that love can conquer any difficulties.

Everlasting son of the lord

Kaka and charity

Every year on August 19th, World Humanitarian Day recognizes those who face danger and adversity to help others. August 19th is the anniversary of the 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq, which killed 22 people.
We honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and we pay tribute to those who continue to help people around the world, regardless of who they are and where they are.
Every day we see and hear images and stories of pain and suffering in our own neighborhoods and in countries far away. But we also find acts of kindness, great and small. World Humanitarian Day is a global celebration of people helping people.

Kaka and charity

Kaka, the everlasting son of the lord is one of the group helping others. In sports area, kaka is an amazing and great player of the world, in life, he is father of two children as well as prince-like husband. Such adjective as Perfect, honestly, elegant have close relationship with kaka. At the same time, kaka is a gentle guy with kind love heart. He tried his best to help those poor people, at the same time, he calls for more people to join the charity group:
I’m with WFP celebrating people helping people. Do something for someone else this World Humanitarian Day.
Kaka is a shine star, his smile makes us believe that there is no sadness on the world. Eventhough when he is enduring the difficulty of life. Having passed more than two years, kaka is brought national football team again, beacuse he never give up but train harder and harder, while, he still keep a humble attitude. He is the everlasting son of the lord. I love kaka, always have, always will.

Every child is special

Aamir Hussain Khan is an Indian film actor, director, and producer who has established himself as one of the leading actors of Hindi cinema.

Aamir khan charity

He is the smartest idiot in famous movie three idiots, he is also the kind teacher in star on earth. He believes that every child is special, maybe it is the ultimate reason why he insists on children charity those years.

In April 2006, Aamir participated in the demonstrations put up by the Narmada Bachao Andolan committee with their leader Medha Patkar after the Gujrat government’s decision to raise the height of the Narmada dam. He quoted to support adivasis(tribes), who might be displaced from their homes. Later he faced protests and a partial ban on his film Fanaa but the Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh supported him by saying Everyone has the freedom of expression. If someone says something on a particular subject, that doesn’t mean you should start protesting. Aamir also lent his support to Janlokpal Bill Movement led by Anna Hazare in August 2011.

He has been supporting common causes and in the same row when asked about views on entertainment tax in 2012 budget Aamir said, I don’t want any reduction in that, all I expect is focus on education and nutrition. He quit the GOI’s copyrights panels in February 2010 after facing sharp differences with other members. During the promotion of 3 Idiots he journeyed to diverse parts of India, mostly to small towns, noting that film makers from Mumbai don’t understand small town India,.This experience of reaching out to ‘regional India’ was extended in his debut TV show Satyamev Jayate.On 16 July 2012, Khan met Prime Minister and the Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment, discussed the plight of manual scavengers and sought eradication of manual scavenging in the country.

Aamir khan charity

Ever since, he often past a series of children charity news on his facebook, here is some example:

My congratulations to all the various people- NGOs, experts who have been working in the field of child care. The Child Protection bill being passed is a result of all the hard work that y’all have put in over all these years.

It has come to our notice that perhaps some vested interests are trying to misguide the people at large about our show Satyamev Jayate and the organisations that we choose to support through our show. We would like to place on record that i
n our episode no.4, which was on health care, we have highlighted and supported the organisation called Humanity Trust, HANSPUKUR, WEST BENGAL and not Humanity Trust, CHENNAI. HUMANITY TRUST, HANSPUKUR, WEST BENGAL, is a charitable hospital run by Dr. Ajoy Mistry and his mother, Subhashini Mistry. HUMANITY TRUST, HANSPUKUR, WEST BENGAL is doing excellent work in the field of health care and provides free medical facilities to the poor.


Why don’t you have tattoo?

     CR7 and charity

Almost every football player care about their image on match, so they care about their haircut such as Ronaldo, and many players love tattoo, take Romos and Torres  as example. CR7 love hair spray, he even changed his haircut during match. When asked why he had not tattoo, CR7 answered: because i want donate blood, with tattoo, i cannot.

Numerous love CR7 on playground, and many people don’t like the guy who are proud on match. His great image on playground may cover the one on life.  In matter of fact, CR7 is a guy who has love heart. He often see these poor children when he is free, he donates blood, he donated when frightened earthquake happened in China.

We can often see CR7 get together with little fans on public, smile on both CR7 and little fans make us believe that the world is so beautiful. People love CR7, because he is an amazing player of the world. More importantly, he has great love heart. The one who care about Global charity is worthy of being loved.