Without getting golden globe,CR7 is also the best

CR7 charity

Last week, CR7 played for national team with hurt and failed. While, at 14, October, CR7, pepe and his teammates saw cancer children on a nearby hospital.
These children were happy for the coming of CR7 and his teammates, CR7 also prepared some presents for those poor children, some of them even hug CR7. CR7 gave a happy day for those children.
At 17, October, CR7 will get his 100 matches in national team. His teammate said: CR7 will break all recordings of national team, he is the best player of the national team in history. With CR7, we have the biggest advantage. He is the also the best player of the world, and he will do more for our national team.
In life, CR7 is kind-heated, and on playground, he is amazing. Whether he will get the golden globe, he is also the best.


Why don’t you have tattoo?

     CR7 and charity

Almost every football player care about their image on match, so they care about their haircut such as Ronaldo, and many players love tattoo, take Romos and Torres  as example. CR7 love hair spray, he even changed his haircut during match. When asked why he had not tattoo, CR7 answered: because i want donate blood, with tattoo, i cannot.

Numerous love CR7 on playground, and many people don’t like the guy who are proud on match. His great image on playground may cover the one on life.  In matter of fact, CR7 is a guy who has love heart. He often see these poor children when he is free, he donates blood, he donated when frightened earthquake happened in China.

We can often see CR7 get together with little fans on public, smile on both CR7 and little fans make us believe that the world is so beautiful. People love CR7, because he is an amazing player of the world. More importantly, he has great love heart. The one who care about Global charity is worthy of being loved.