A love letter for you

  Cristiano Ronaldo

In a TV show called A letter for you, Cristiano Ronaldo was invited to mediate difference between mother and daughter, because Cristiano Ronaldo is idol of daughter. And of course, CR7 finish the task successfully. He sent the girl a football with his sign, and at the same time, he gave the girl a necklace and wear for her. He said to the girl or all of his fans: life is short, if you want to make it beautiful, you should learn to forgive, so forgive!

Yes, life is short, life is difficult, life is sad, life is danger, we all experience all kinds of things in life, we try our best to conquer these difficulties because we believe that life will be beauty eventually. We love these who are worthy of being love. Parents are our those who love us best in the world, so we love them. Friends are our partner of soul, so we love them.

Handsome, kind, professional, amazing, we have all kinds of love reason for Cristiano Ronaldo, His brave on ground give us reason to cheer, his kind in life makes us move. There are always criticism for him from audience on match, he may not care about them, because he know there must be more people around the world love him. He knows that he will never go alone.

We have no excuse to stop being love Cristiano Ronaldo if he treat other with honesty and love.







Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes Ambassador For Save The Children

Cristiano Ronaldo become ambassador for charity

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been named as an ambassador for Save the Children.

On his first day as a global ambassador, Ronaldo presented a charity auction in aid of the charity’s newborn and child survival campaign in Egypt.

“I’m so proud to support Save the Children. I’m delighted at the funds raised during tonight’s auction and at the support of so many players from across so many different world-class teams in making it such a success,” he said. “This is the most important thing of tonight. Hope it’ll go a long way in stopping needless child deaths.”

The auction raised enough money to help Save the Children reach 7,000 children and over 36,000 adults in Egypt with access to healthcare and secure livelihoods so that those families can have a chance at a brighter future.

“Child mortality is a major global issue with over seven million children dying before their fifth birthday every year,” said Justin Forsyth, CEO Save the Children. “That’s why it’s incredible to have a figurehead like Cristiano Ronaldo at the helm of Save the Children’s Global EVERYONE Newborn and Child Survival campaign.

“With Ronaldo’s help we can raise awareness of the millions of children’s lives cut short before they’ve really begun and continue to press for action to help curb their needless deaths from preventable illness.”

Along with Ronaldo, a host of stars including Alessandro Del Piero, Leo Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Francesco Totti, Ronaldo, Iker Casillas and Ezequiel Lavezzi all donated signed shirts and sent a video message to help promote the auction.

In a football first, the auction was decorated with all the top football trophies, including the FIFA World Cup, the Club World Cup, the Champions League trophy, and the Europa League trophy.

Fabio Capello, manager of the UK team; Gianni Infantino, the Secretary General of UEFA; the Directors of Arsenal and the former directors of Manchester United and Chelsea; and other well-known football personalities also took part.

Cristiano Rolando: Humble Philanthropist

Cristiano Ronaldo

Three years ago, a reporter interviewed an artist, Leo Mila Gonzalez, who was good at drawing on body. The guy became famous because he made tattoo for Toress, Guti and many other amazing football players. The artist dreamed that one day he could make tatoo for Cristiano Ronaldo, as CR7 has perfect figure.
The reporter told the story to Cristiano Ronaldo, CR7 said thanks politely but refused instantly: I have said many times, i don’t think tatoo is bad, but i couldn’t now at least, i often donate blood, i must be responsible for it.
Some people do not like Cristiano Ronaldo’s vanity football style, but CR7 proved that football could be vanity and practical with constantly score. And some other people criticized that CR’s actions on public was his show, while, CR7 said: if helping those poor people is show, i wish the show never stop.
On December, 2004, many countries of southeast Asia destoried by strong tsunami. And a camera recorded a scene  that a 9-year survivor lied on island with Portugal national team t-shirt. The boy was a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. With the help of boker, CR7 intived the little boy to watch his match. The event opened a door of charity for CR7.
On the European cup of 2008, portual national team didn’t step to last. But outside match, CR7 got more prize and honor, because CR7 met a special guest on football training ground, the guest was from Afghanistan, he was an amateur football player, but he lost a leg when playing football, and his dream also extinguished. With the help of Red Cross, he got a chance to meet CR7.
During many dreams for children, they all want to watch a match of real Madrid, and see Cristiano Ronaldo. On 13, May, 2012, With the help of Mendes, Nuzeyate, who got badly ill, accomplished his dream. But he got more than he had dreamed, because CR7 tried his best to help the child, he subsidized the child to receive treatment at NewYork. The story was disclosed by hospital one month later, and Cristiano Ronaldo never said a word about it.