Feeding 900 hungry children with the cost of my favorite meal

kaka family

Richard Kaka, one of the perfect men of the world, is a shining star on football match. He is humble, handsome, kind, hardworking…His perfect character makes him get away from any r0meur. He loves football, he also loves his family with his heart. As father of two lovely children, he will feel sad for those hungry children. He often paste information about those hungry children, he try his best to help poor children, at the same time, he calls for more people around the world to join the group of helping poor children:
Feeding 900 hungry children with the cost of my favorite meal, Richard Kaka helps poor children through world food Program. Kaka’s smile makes us think that the world is happy without sadness.
By donating to the World Food Program, you are joining our fight against hunger worldwide. As a member of our online community, you’ll receive occasional alerts about hunger emergencies and ways you can help build a world without hunger.
Richard Kaka’s smile makes us remember him, we seldom see him unhappy. We would rather believe that he is happy all the time, we love kaka and cheer for him once and forever.


Everlasting son of the lord

Kaka and charity

Every year on August 19th, World Humanitarian Day recognizes those who face danger and adversity to help others. August 19th is the anniversary of the 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq, which killed 22 people.
We honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and we pay tribute to those who continue to help people around the world, regardless of who they are and where they are.
Every day we see and hear images and stories of pain and suffering in our own neighborhoods and in countries far away. But we also find acts of kindness, great and small. World Humanitarian Day is a global celebration of people helping people.

Kaka and charity

Kaka, the everlasting son of the lord is one of the group helping others. In sports area, kaka is an amazing and great player of the world, in life, he is father of two children as well as prince-like husband. Such adjective as Perfect, honestly, elegant have close relationship with kaka. At the same time, kaka is a gentle guy with kind love heart. He tried his best to help those poor people, at the same time, he calls for more people to join the charity group:
I’m with WFP celebrating people helping people. Do something for someone else this World Humanitarian Day.
Kaka is a shine star, his smile makes us believe that there is no sadness on the world. Eventhough when he is enduring the difficulty of life. Having passed more than two years, kaka is brought national football team again, beacuse he never give up but train harder and harder, while, he still keep a humble attitude. He is the everlasting son of the lord. I love kaka, always have, always will.